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Winkl: Redefining the mattress industry

New Zealand company Winkl are redefining the mattress buying experience, ensuring they are 100 percent customer focused.

Co-founder Simon Sheterline says the idea behind Winkl came from feeling let down by his local mattress store. Subjected to awkward in-store bed tests, pushy sales people, and finally, a bed that after a few nights was uncomfortable and non-returnable, he knew there was something that could be done.

“One of the big advantages we had was we were not from the industry,” he says. “Sometimes it takes someone from outside looking in to really see the problems and be able to fix them.”

“We thought if we could make mattresses better to buy, better to try and better for your wallet we would be onto a winning formula.”

Compressed and packaged in an easy to handle box, Winkl mattresses can be ordered online and cost effectively delivered to the customer’s door in about 12 hours if they live in Auckland. The company also has a 120 night sleep trial, so if a customer isn’t completely happy, Winkl will pick the mattress up and donate it to charity.

“We simplified the product by stripping away decades of pointless innovation and technologies that don’t actually help you sleep. Then eliminated the fancy retail show rooms, pushy sales teams and expensive middle men.

“All this meant we could significantly reduce costs, reinvest the savings into higher quality materials and make the product affordable.”

And if they couldn’t do any more good, Winkl also supports local charities like the Salvation Army and The National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa. Each year New Zealand’s Kiwi population declines by 2 percent from predation and habitat destruction, and without assistance, experts believe the Kiwi will be extinct in the wild within two generations.

With the belief that every company has a responsibility to improve their community, Winkl has teamed up with the hatchery so that for every mattress purchased, a customer can be a proud sponsor of a precious Kiwi chick.

“These statistics prompted us to lend a hand. We’re all outdoor adventure lovers at Winkl too, so it kind of just made us feel awesome.”

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