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Whittaker’s most popular flavour is back

Giving Kiwis a taste of their childhood, Whittaker’s has brought back its Hundreds & Thousands Block, which replicates the loved Griffin’s Cookie Bear biscuit, for a limited-time only.

When the two brands first came together in 2014, the limited edition product sold out in record time and has been in hot demand ever since. Made to the same recipe, Whittaker’s Hundreds & Thousands is crafted with its finest 28 percent cocoa white chocolate, combined with natural flavour and colour, and then mixed with crunchy biscuit pieces and sprinkles to replicate the look and taste of the iconic pink biscuit.

Whittaker’s co-chief operating officer, Holly Whittaker, says the brand is excited to bring back the fun and innovative block, knowing that it has found a special place in the heart of many chocolate lovers.

“We often get requests to bring back limited edition flavours, but Hundreds & Thousands is by far the most requested product of all time, even sparking an online petition last year calling for the flavour’s return.

“Given the popularity of this flavour last time around, we’ve produced more this time but it is still a limited-edition product, so those who are already fans of the flavour, and those that didn’t try it the first time, should get in quick to ensure they don’t miss out!”

Whittaker’s Hundreds & Thousands Block is available from supermarkets (in store and online) and other retail outlets nationwide from Monday 22 February for as long as stocks of this limited edition product last. 

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