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World’s first carbon-negative beer business to land in NZ

Beer lovers rejoice! Craft beer trailblazer, BrewDog, is looking for a New Zealand city to set up a flagship bar in by the end of 2021.

Born with the aim to revolutionise the beer industry, BrewDog is the first carbon-negative business in the world. The brewer is owned by thousands of craft beer fanatics across the globe who are all a part of BrewDog’s pioneering ‘Equity for Punks’ crowdfunding programme.

Since launching in 2010, the programme has since amassed a highly engaged community of over 180,000 investors.

The brewer now has it sights set on New Zealand with plans to open several bars across the country within the next two years. Every dollar raised will be used to sustainably fuel BrewDog’s growth in Australia and NZ, and fund investment in high-impact green projects to help build a more sustainable future. It has also been confirmed that if more than 500 Equity Punks join from the same New Zealand city, the brewer will aim to open a BrewDog bar there.

BrewDog’s ANZ CEO, Ed Bott, says the positive response in Australia has encouraged the company to extend their deadline and venture out to New Zealand.

“We can’t wait to bring our relentless obsession with incredible craft beer over to our Kiwi friends and embrace the local beer scene there as we have in Australia,” says Both.

“We look forward to building a fast-paced sustainable business that will act as a force for good in New Zealand and contribute to BrewDog becoming one of the most sustainable businesses in the world.”

BrewDog has exceed the initial $300,000AUD target and is currently sitting at over $500,000AUD with over 750 investors to date. The raise is scheduled to close on March 31 2021.


When buying shares in Equity for Punks in Australia and New Zealand, investors will get their own tree dedicated to them in the BrewDog forest in Scotland, where the brewer plans to plant one million trees by 2022. They will also get access to a whole raft of benefits from free beers on your birthday, to sustainably sourced T-shirts and accessories, through to exclusive events that celebrate craft beer and BrewDog’s communityBenefits include:

●             AGM invite with +1 to the first ever Australian AGM – an annual beer, food and music festival          

●             A free beer on your birthday

●             5% discount in all BrewDog bars

●             Invites to brew with BrewDog on Beatnik brew days                                 

●             Exclusive access to new beers

●             A copy of BrewDog’s book, Craft Beer for the People

●             Free brewery tours around the Brisbane facility  

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