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The Warehouse partners with Emirates Team NZ

The Warehouse has joined forces with Emirates Team New Zealand to become the first America’s cup syndicate to have a Toitū carbonzero certified campaign.

The team’s carbon emissions will be measured from July 2017 till the end of their campaign in 2021 and offset through investing in permanent native NZ forestery projects in partnership with the carbonzero programme.

Toitū has based the carbonzero event programme on ISO 14064-1 and PAS 2050 principles. The campaign’s footprint has been calculated, fully offset with high quality PFSI carbon credits and independently certified as Toitū carbonzero event operations.

The partnership will also supported tree planting programmes with Trees that Count around the Firth of Thames to help restore local waterways and native flora and fauna.

The Warehouse founder and Sustainability Champion, Sir Stephen Tindall, says the partnership is a great example of business and sport coming together to tackle such an important issue. She says both The Warehouse and Emirates Team NZ are dear to her heart and it gives her great pride seeing the two of them taking action.

“Both organisations have calculated their carbon footprints and will continue on a journey to not only offset these in the short term, but will use technology and innovation to further reduce carbon and CO2 dramatically over the next decade.

“We hope other Kiwi businesses and sports organisations will join us, as it is not as difficult as it may seem.”

The recent initiative follows the retailer’s 2019 achievement of becoming the first largest organisation in the country and third major retailer in the world, to go carbon zero.

Chief executive Nick Grayston says The Warehouse is doing all it can to take responsibility for its impact on the environment and to help Kiwis address climate change.

“Alongside Emirates Team New Zealand, we hope to encourage more action in this area and continue to do our part for the ongoing health of Kiwis, and the planet.”

Emirates Team New Zealand chief executive, Grant Dalton, says as a team that spends a lot of time on the water, they have always been conscious of their environment and minimising their impact as best they can.

“We are first to say we aren’t perfect by any stretch, but we are prepared to measure our emissions. This is a step in taking responsibility for the carbon footprint we create by becoming carbonzero certified,” says Dalton.

“To be able to work with The Warehouse as well as Toitū Envirocare to help us measure and offset our emissions is something that means a lot to everyone in the team.”

The scope of the certification includes all emissions associated with Emirates Team New Zealand campaign related to the preparation for the 36th America’s Cup Match. The offsetting does not include any emissions associated with the broader America’s Cup event organisers or attendees but exclusively emissions associated with Emirates Team New Zealand’s campaign.

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