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Re-imagining Kāpiti retail

Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce recently held its first business event for 2021, and on the agenda for discussion was making the most of opportunities presented by the opening of Transmission Gully and the next stage of the Kāpiti Expressway.

Chris Wilkinson, Managing Director of First Retail Group, says Kāpiti has a small window to make the most of these opportunities.

“Since Covid-19 there has been a significant shift in consumer spending. Our values have been transformed, with people seeking ‘feel good’ spending on home and leisure experiences. Locally, many businesses have seen around 10% growth in retail spending, and in some cases up to 30%. With more people looking to move to, and work from, Kāpiti there are great opportunities for local businesses to leverage the unique culture of the Kāpiti Coast. There is a hunger for change.”

“To be successful, we need to define ‘Kāpiti’s edge’ to tell its unique story to customers, particularly the changing younger demographic who are seeking diverse and fresh experiences. Retail sprawl is a challenge – creating clusters of complementary businesses that work well together like Raumati Village, can really encourage visitors to a destination”.

Jacinda Thorn, Co-Chair of the Kāpiti Chamber, says “to make the most of the small window open to us, there needs to be a proactive partnership between Council and Business to identify our edge, tackle business and commercial sprawl and create clusters of complementary businesses before we miss the boat.”

“As our businesses deal with another Covid-19 level change, our local businesses need this practical support from the Council and other stakeholders sooner, rather than later. We know businesses are ready for the challenge, are our community leaders?”

Kāpiti retailers, what would you like to see happen? Email us at editor@theregister.co.nz.

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