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New beauty brand launches with exclusive refillery partnership

New brand Beauty Ceutical Co has launched to advocate for simple beauty. 

Founder Beatrice Thorne says the brand “believes in giving the skin a helping hand by nourishing it mindfully from the inside and out, and then leaving it to do its thing.”

With a background in women’s wellness and natural health, including in product development, Thorne has a breadth of experience in high quality and ethical products and packaging. 

Beauty Ceutical Co’s first product, a Collagen Beauty Milk, is labelled with environmentally friendly rich mineral paper and is packaged in glass jars. 

With quality being a core value of Beauty Ceutical Co, the Collagen Beauty Milk is the first collagen product in the market to use sustainable grade oat milk sourced from 100% pure Australian oats. Thorne is on the lookout for a comparable New Zealand source in the meantime. 

Beatrice Thorne

All ingredients in the Collagen Beauty Milk are traceable, and Thorne speaks of the challenges in creating an ethical product. She cites one of Patagonia’ values that inspires her: “Cause No Unnecessary Harm”. 

“As they say, just by being in business – from shipping and freight to the production of the ingredients we use – we’re contributing to the environmental problem. Every business is. We did a lot of research into the collagen industry and asked a lot of questions. We aren’t perfect, but we really are committed to keeping on learning and improving. When you know more you do more”, says Thorne. 

At present, collagen products are trending in the beauty industries, and the beauty and wellness industries themselves booming. Thorne attributes the global success of collagen products in this space to the fact that “collagen supports external factors such as skin, hair, and nails. People can see the difference it makes with their own eyes, which inspires them to share their success with their networks. Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful growth tool”. 

As well as online, the Collagen Beauty Milk is exclusively available in-store at wholefood refillery GoodFor. 

Thorne has been a customer and supporter of GoodFor since they opened, and since then the refillery has grown to seven stores nation-wide. 

Speaking of the exclusive partnership, Thorne says that GoodFor is on a similar journey to Beauty Ceutical Co, which aims to make skincare simple and to declutter some of the confusion, noise, and poor practices out of this space. GoodFor is on a similar journey towards slower, simpler living, which feels very aligned.”

And speaking of the shopping experience at GoodFor, Thorne says “is what I hope other retail stores start to move towards. It has a calm energy, the staff are passionate, friendly, and bright and the minimalistic design and store layout adds to that feeling of peace.”

Managing Director of GoodFor, James Denton, comments “here at GoodFor, our purpose is to introduce slower living to the world. Slower living to us is living with more intention, considering our purchasing choices and consuming quality over quantity… we’re excited to partner with such an honest and transparent company and provide a premium product package-free for our community.”

We ask Thorne about brands that inspire her, and she points to Maggie Marilyn’s purpose and how Maggie is using her love of fashion to make a difference. 

“It’s this kind of caring, passionate entrepreneurship that I think is going to be increasingly important in years to come”, Thorne says. 

Thorne is also hugely inspired by Ethique’s story. “Again, they’re a Kiwi company with great morals who are here to create change, and they’ve had the most incredible success. They’ve now got over 2500 retailers in sixteen countries across the world and they’ve prevented something like 9 million plastic bottles from being manufactured”. 

It’s an exciting time for Beauty Ceutical Co, with more products set to launch soon. Watch this space and find out more at beautyceutical.co.

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