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Introducing Swap Box, the waste-reducing lunch box we all need

New kiwi company Re is determined to change the way we takeaway with the launch of their new purpose-built lunch box.

Replicating the adoption of zero waste tools in coffee cups and grocery bags, the Swap Box makes on the go and takeaway food consumption easier to adopt. Fully collapsible, the product is a space-saving solution that has the potential to save up to 44 kilos of waste.

Suitable for those already laden on their daily commute, Swap Box can fit a range of meals from a wrap, to a poke bowl or salad. It is also dishwasher friendly, spill-proof, and is made of BPA free, food-grade silicone, nylon, and tempered glass.

CEO and founder, Madeline Honingford, says that introducing new innovative products to the industry will help towards tackling waste production.

“The replacement of disposable coffee cups started with owned reusables that make behaviour change tangible,” she says.

“Until we can fully scale return schemes, we believe owned reusables play a crucial role in the journey towards more sustainable takeaway consumption.”

Statistics NZ has revealed that Kiwis are spending 27 percent of their food budget on meals from restaurants and takeaways, which is only on the rise. Swap Box has set a target to stop 1.4 million pieces of packaging waste from being used and hopes Kiwis will jump on board to help reach this goal.

Swap Box launches February 2021. To pre-register for their Kickstarter campaign join their mailing list at www.re.company or follow them on Instagram.

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