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Kiwi menstrual brand saves 200 million period products from landfill

Public cervix announcement! Kiwi menstrual cup brand The Hello Cup has recently reached a huge milestone, saving more than 200 million tampons and pads from entering landfills and waterways across the globe.

2021 has started off with a bang for the company who has also just received B Corp accreditation, making it one of just 3762 companies in the world to obtain the social and environmental endorsement.

Founded by two best friends in 2017, registered nurse Mary Bond and journalist Robyn McLean, The Hello Cup has gone from strength to strength.

McLean says that each Hello Cup is equivalent to 2,000 tampons and pads.

 “Single-use period products generate an astounding amount of waste and that’s something we need to address-especially when our customers tell us that reusables are far more comfortable and convenient,” she says.

Unknown to many, tampons and pads take at least 500 years to breakdown due to containing micro plastics. This means the first tampon ever used is still somewhere on the planet trying to disintegrate.

“This is pretty horrific to me, as is the fact that some marine life mistake plastic-ridden tampons for food. We can do better.”

The Hello Cup founders Mary Bond (left), Robyn McLean (right)

Although saving 200 million products is a fantastic achievement, the duo’s next goal is to have saved one billion single-use products from landfill by 2025.

Bond says the brand is well on its way towards achieving its goal.

“For a young company, its very cool to have stockists and customers all over the world. Our brand awareness internationally is really high which is pretty awesome for a small Kiwi start-up.”

With the Government’s decision to introduce free period products in New Zealand schools, the pair hope that reusables will be included.

McLean says schools would only need to supply one cup to each student to last their entire secondary schooling.

“Our Government could lead the way in educating the next generation about the benefits of period reusables and how easy they are to use. Menstrual cups are a great option for students because they hold more so require less changing, and can be worn while swimming or playing sport.”

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