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Enhancing the customer experience: Z-Energy partners with TNS

New Zealand’s leading fuel retailer Z-Energy has partnered with TNS (Transaction Network Services) to enhance the brand’s retail customer experience.

With the installation of TNS Secure SD-WAN at more than 500 of its fuel sites across the country, Z-Energy will offer customers new features and functionalities, with efficient, secure payments capabilities.

Global managing director of TNS’ Payments Market business, John Tait, says SD-WAN gives retailers a lower total cost of ownership and makes management of their network less complex.

“TNS’ solution is supported by cybersecurity protocols that work to prevent data breaches, PCI DSS-compliant security credentials, and our global payments experience as a managed service,”

“These features give Z Energy a payments infrastructure and network connectivity layer fit for the 21st-century customer experience, paving the way for future growth and business transformation.”

The partnership with TNS came after the fuel retailer’s previous network reached its end of life. Following its appointment, TNS installed its Secure SD-WAN solution in a rolling implementation which concluded in November 2020 and saw all components function seamlessly across Z Energy’s many sites.

Head of Site Systems, Andy Stewart, says TNS demonstrated their ability to solve Z-Energy’s network challenges, with a sharp understanding of not only the company but the fuel industry as a whole.

“Our technology decisions are driven by four key pillars – speed, safety, integration and sustainable cost leadership, and TNS’ Secure SD-WAN will allow us to reduce costs and add convenient digital touch points while prioritising our customers’ health, safety and security,” says Stewart.

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