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NZ’s top selling beauty brand launches into French pharmacy channel

New Zealand’ top selling beauty brand Antipodes first entered the French market three years ago, launching its products in over 80 boutique luxury retail stores. Now, following a distribution agreement with French distributor Eoyls Beaute, the brand has expanded into the country’s pharmacy channel, of which there are approximately 2000 stores nationwide.

With the pandemic ongoing, it has proved difficult to venture into new markets. With Antipodes products already available in more than 30 countries, the brand’s focus is to protect and grow its existing markets.

2020 proved to be a big year for the premium organic brand. In May the company linked a deal with Purity Life to access natural product stores and pharmacies in Canada, and in June 2020, it expanded into e-commerce platform Amazon in the US.

Founded by Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes is a scientific green beauty brand with all ingredients sourced locally in New Zealand.

“The company was established at a time when there was beginning to be some interest in natural products,” says Barbalich.

“I realised there was a gap in the market for a natural brand with efficacy, most natural brands don’t have strong science, so I wanted to create formulas that were scientifically proven and 100 percent natural.”

Antipodes is currently undergoing skin hydration tests for two new products set to launch this year. Although 2020 saw a decline in sales, Barbalich is hopeful that consumer demand for the brand’s natural products will grow in 2021.

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