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Local retailer insight: digital marketing with Safelet NZ

Sharron Jones and Brenda Tuffery of Safelet NZ

A recent survey commissioned by Yellow New Zealand found that businesses with a 2-5 year tenure have felt the impact of Covid the most keenly.

Darren Linton, CEO Yellow, says that while the effects of the pandemic may recede over time, the technological and economic disruption is not going away anytime soon, and these young businesses need support now.

“Almost 40 percent of the total small business marketplace have no online presence at all, no Google my Business listing, no website, LinkedIn, Facebook – anything.”

“53 percent of all respondents said more support and education is required when it comes to getting online, which plays a part in relevancy too, every business is at a different stage in their journey”, says Linton.

Talking to local retailers Sharron Jones and Brenda Tuffery of Safelet NZ, a personal safety alarm retailer, they say “like many small businesses we struggle to find the time to focus on marketing, we’ve tried things sporadically but often that leaves us with limited results. These days we’re thinking long term and working to be more strategic about our effort. We’ve learned that we need support when it comes to digital marketing, which constantly changes, and we’re pleased to be getting it.”

And while Jones and Tuffery believe that online marketing is of enormous value, their main challenge is to pinpoint how their potential customers might find information about personal safety products, as well as which specific messages will resonate with them.

“We have found that marketing can be extremely expensive when you’re experimental about it. There’s a natural learning curve in business where most people probably try out a whole range of things, and that’s ok, but there’s also a lot of great advice and support out there. We needed outside help to formulate a messaging strategy, define the best online platforms for marketing, how to target specific audiences and how to track results”.

Jones and Tuffery’s advice to other retailers is to come up with a targeted and consistent plan that is run for some time to have an impact. “The beauty of digital, of course, is its measurability”, they say.

And lastly, they note that using a digital marketing agency “can use their expertise and experience to more effectively put together campaigns that will achieve results, and this will actually save money down the track.”

The Register would love to hear your thoughts on digital marketing and what’s worked for you: drop us a line at editor@theregister.co.nz. And download a copy of Yellow’s survey findings here.

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