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New Gen-Z brand set to challenge the beauty industry

Retail giant Gulf Marketing Group (GMG) has recently launched a Gen-Z targeted beauty brand for consumers in the Middle East.

Disrupting the beauty industry, Glu celebrates each customer as an individual. Bold and expressive, it is a clean beauty destination that profiles niche beauty labels from around the world and empowers customers to discover beauty on their own terms.

Partnering with retail design consultancy Green Room, GMG’s brand strategy was centred around the concept ‘Beauty Riot’, which gives customers an opportunity to touch, smell, try and play with the products, with spaces for introverts and extroverts alike.

With inspirational messaging, playful design and test and trial experiences, Glu enables its customers to truly be the best versions of themselves.

Founder Hamda Baker says the shift in shopping behaviour and consumer trends has forced retailers to step back and look at their piece of the equation.

“Glu was born with the DNA of self-expression, being built by the youth, for the youth,” says Baker.

“We wanted to make sure it challenged not only the beauty industry, but an overall stereotype which has surrounded the region over time, whether that is with regards to beauty ideals, behaviors, trends, or the shift in attitudes with the new emerging Gen Z’ers and Gen Alpha’s of the Middle East.”

To stay true to the brand essence, the team made the decision to move forward with a category-led shopping experience, rather than the traditional brand-led focus as their first mark of change.

“We launched mid-pandemic which brought with it its own challenges, but we are very grateful and excited to see this beautiful brand experience come to life, soon to be followed by our flagship launch next year,” says Baker.

The first iteration of the Beauty Riot concept has launched in Debenhams Dubai Mall of Emirates, with the retail concept being rolled out to The Dubai Mall, Dalma Island, City Centre Mirdiff and Kuwait.

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