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The benefits of catering to Gen Z: Afterpay partners with Good On You

Afterpay has teamed up with Good On You, a leading sustainability ratings platform for fashion, to help shoppers make more conscious and sustainable choices. Afterpay shoppers can now search for the best brands rated by Good On You, using the Ethical Fashion category.

Good On You data shows that purchases with sustainable fashion brands have doubled in recent months. And Afterpay has seen an increase in consumer spend across sustainable brands. More than ever, Kiwis are seeking information on brands’ sustainability and ethical practices, and in turn are becoming more conscious about those they support and purchase from. 

In particular, Gen Z care about sustainability and are concerned about a brand’s transparency, and they want to see the brands they follow embrace these same beliefs, as revealed in the 2020 Afterpay Gen Z Global Report: Financial Feels

For retailers, a positive rating by Good On You can help reinforce a brand’s conscious credentials – and drive traffic. Importantly, as concerns about sustainability heighten, Gen Z are openly adopting retail concepts that make use of byproducts to combat waste pollution. Pre-owned fashion and accessories are appearing in department stores, while new retail formats embrace circular economy opportunities to turn superfluous stock into desirable merchandise.

James Bartle, who is the co-founder of ethical brand Outland Denim, says: “Good On You was one of our earliest supporters and our partnership with them is incredibly valuable. Not only are they one of the most trusted global resources for consumers who want to make more sustainable purchasing decisions, Good On You’s platforms are also consistently in our top five sources of webstore traffic and referral-based conversions each month.”

The below New Zealand brands have been rated by Good On You as ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ and are Afterpay merchants, available to shop under Afterpay’s Ethical Fashion shop directory:

  1. Vilo
  2. Graine
  3. Marle
  4. Jamie Kay
  5. Meadowlark
  6. Eco Wool
  7. New Zealand Natural Clothing
  8. Naked Baby Eco Boutique
  9. Ice Breaker
  10. Ovna Ovich
  11. Kate Sylvester

Find out more at afterpay.com/en-NZ/categories/ethical-fashion.

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