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How Ethique is disrupting the way consumers use beauty and household cleaning products

Brianne West

Founded by Brianne West in 2012, Ethique is a global leader in the sustainable beauty industry. The first brand in the world to develop an entirely solid product range in 100% plastic-free packaging, it now has a line of over 60 products sold in 19 countries worldwide.

This year, Ethique has further disrupted the future of sustainable products with its game-changing new range called Ethique Concentrates, changing how consumers use liquid personal care and household cleaning products.

Packaged as a bar, consumers add water at home, mixing and storing the final product in bottles they already have. The concentrates include a shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash and hand wash.

Ethique is also branching out into the household cleaning category for the first time as part of the launch with a bathroom spray, kitchen spray and dishwashing liquid.

Speaking to Ethique founder Brianne West, she says the idea for Ethique Concentrates came about to “appeal to consumers who are keen to ditch plastic but aren’t quite ready to make the switch to bars”.

Developing the range took two years. Initially, it was launched direct to consumer, so Ethique could gather feedback and refine the product ahead of launching it via stockists.

West says the D2C approach was a hugely valuable strategy which “generated a huge amount of social chatter, sparked some wonderful conversations around designing for circularity and most importantly, made people happy with a great product that doesn’t come with the usual associated waste. “

Like many other New Zealand businesses, Ethique is investing heavily in the D2C approach following the global pandemic. “We have pivoted and are engaged more heavily in D2C (which is my personal favourite as you have such an opportunity to educate and in turn learn from your customers)”, says West.

However, Ethique still considers its wholesale channels as valuable. Although West initially launched Ethique as a D2C brand, she realised two years in that customers wanted to touch, smell and feel the products.

While Ethique is a sustainable company first and foremost, its core customer is mainstream, as is the case with other successful eco-brands. There are many reasons why customers seek out Ethique products, including for travel, because the products include naturally-derived ingredients, and for gifts.

West attributes this to the fact that Ethique’s products “work just as well as ‘normal’ products – it was always my goal to ensure that every product works as well as, if not better than, the liquid equivalent”.

And Ethique Concentrates is further expanding the brand’s core audience base, “introducing a whole new segment of the market to the plastic-free life!”, says West.

Find out more at ethique.com.

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