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A bicycle retailer’s experience in 2020

Karl Murray named his bike store Rouleur Cycles after the French word for a “strong worker type cyclist” when he moved from a bike fit studio to a retail model five years ago.

And this year Murray has discovered the strength of the bicycle retail industry, albeit operating amid a global pandemic.

Murray explains that during the first lockdown because New Zealanders were able to ride bicycles and exercise locally, many without working bikes repaired or purchased new ones.

And given that commuters wanted to avoid public transport during this time, a bicycle is an affordable solution to get across town.

Rouleur Cycles

However, retailing bicycles in the middle of a pandemic has not been without its challenges. There have been multiple delivery delays and stock shortages for a variety of reasons. For Rouleur Cycles, being a heavy stock business, this worked in its favour this year.

When purchasing a bicycle, customer service is an integral part of the package. Rouleur offers a free bike fit service with every bike it sells because it helps customers to enjoy their riding experience as well as avoid injury. There’s less reason to purchase bikes online, and there is more to gain by supporting local, says Murray.

Check out Rouleur Cycles’ website at rouleurcycles.co.nz.

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