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Quinine report reveals retail insights for 2021

Retail experience consultancy Quinine’s latest report highlights several unmissable retail innovations and insights that retailers should be exploring in preparation for the approaching New Year.

To help retailers better connect with their customers in 2021, we’ve highlighted our top 5 insights from the report:

5 Retail Insights for 2021

  1. Unified customer experiences

It can be fairly difficult to engage with individual customers today, especially if your store meets the needs of every other customer. For retailers to make better connections, different stores and other retail touch points must integrate to become more purposeful to customer’s needs.

There needs to be alternative store formats and retail programmes that complement one another within a larger unified retail ecosystem. Consider different ‘stores’ (physical touchpoints) for different locations and different customer needs for various times. Make better retail connections by exploring agile, smaller store formats that are specific in their intent.

2. Semi-permanent vs permanent

Under the new ‘Everywhere Retail’ world we have been transported to, customers can interact with a brand at any moment of the day. In saying this, time should be a consideration for your physical retail distribution strategy.

Retail brands have a growing list of demands that they may wish to fulfil like revisiting existing stores, finding new sites and looking for new partnerships and opportunities. To respond to demand and facilitate a variety of temporary and semi-permanent pop-up and mobile stores and experiences, retail brands will need to be well equipped.

3. Local retail

Local retail should be a focus for future growth as it allows more intimate relationships with surrounding communities. Opportunities like click and collect, local deliveries by a staff member and providing employment and training opportunities to people in the community, all elevate the brand beyond a retail store and create deeper levels of trust and intimacy with consumers.

4. Retail on the move

Mobile stores that change their location on a regular basis are an effective way to interact with new consumers and spread your brand reach. This concept allows you to have a retail presence in locations that wouldn’t be viable options to commit to a permanent store. Customers can be introduced to a product through a mobile interaction, which can then prompt them to visit a flagship store later in the week.

5. In-store learning

Positioning training and learning at the heart of the store experience could be the key to providing consistent transformative retail experiences. Learning can be about understanding a technology or a specific device, or having a self-reflective experience or developing a new skill. Prioritising learning means that you are prioritising active interactions, which is the most effective way to communicate a message to customers and allow customers to get the most out of your brand.

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