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Fruit prices rise while strawberries are at their cheapest

Christmas has come early this year, with plenty of cheap strawberries for Kiwis to indulge in. Stats NZ has revealed that strawberry prices fell by a staggering 43 percent in November as Covid-19 border restrictions reduced exports.

Strawberries were an average price of $3.45 per 250g punnet in November, down from $6.04 in October. Exporting products has become much more expensive and a shortage of international workers in the fruit picking industry has meant that growers can’t pick their fields fast enough and berries are becoming too ripe for export.

Consumer prices manager Katrina Dewbery says with less exports, there are more strawberries available for domestic consumption which also means lower prices.

“Prices are lower than we typically see for a November month with December generally being when they are cheapest. Some people may be seeing even cheaper prices during the first half of December.”

Although strawberry prices have dropped significantly, fruit prices in general have risen by 5.2 percent.

Mainly influencing the rise in fruit prices are kiwifruit (up 78 percent), apples (up 13 percent) and oranges (up 34 percent). These particular fruits tend to become more expensive in the lead up to summer as they soon go out of season.

Kiwifruit has risen to an average price of $7.11 per kilo, 86 cents more expensive than this time last year.

Overall, food prices fell 0.9 percent in November, mainly influenced by vegetables which dropped in price by 9.9 percent.

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