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Dole calls on Kiwis to help make a difference to children in need

Dole and KidsCan have come together to launch the #DoleUnstuffedBear initiative in an effort to change the harsh reality of childhood hunger.

This holiday season, it is estimated that one in five children may go hungry around the world, a shocking statistic made even graver due to the pandemic’s impact. In an effort to drive awareness of the growing hunger gap, Dole’s campaign is set to raise funds and donate nutritional foods that will help families in need.

Partnering with KidsCan, Dole asks Kiwis to donate via DoleUnstuffedBears.com, with the funds raised going towards providing meals for children. For every dollar donated, Dole will contribute the equivalent value in product up to $50,000 NZD. The initiative is a step towards Dole’s 2025 goal of providing access to sustainable nutrition for one billion people.

A recent Child Poverty Monitor report has revealed that 150,000 Kiwi children are living without at least six items considered essential. Dole New Zealand general manager, Steve Barton, says Christmas is a joyful time of the year, however for may Kiwi families, the reality is very different.

“We hope that this campaign will make a difference in spreading awareness and support. Every child deserves to be food secure, and our goal is to do our part in making that a reality.”

Featuring a universal childhood icon, the teddybear, Dole’s campaign depicts the impact hunger can have on a child. Four of the bears are shown with an abundance of food and stuffed tummies, while one bear is left with no food, alone on the stairs with an unstuffed tummy.

Barton says the campaign will be significant to Kiwis following the nationwide teddy bear hunt that occurred during New Zealand’s first Lockdown.

“Children went on a ‘bear hunt’ throughout their neighbourhoods as communities worked together to entertain children by placing the stuffed toys on their windows. Now anyone can help to feed a virtual #DoleUnstuffedBear, and in turn children in need, to make a significant impact this holiday season.”

The #DoleUnstuffedBear campaign is one of many initiatives the brand has produced in support of the ‘Dole Promise’ which was introduced in July this year and aims to bring independent prosperity to people and the planet.

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