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Do small retailers need a digital presence, and support to build this?

A survey commissioned by Yellow New Zealand has found that businesses with a 2-5 year tenure have felt the impact of Covid the most keenly. This makes up more than 100,000 businesses and represents the future backbone of the economy.

The purpose of the survey was to shed light on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic across a wide range of small business industries, identify the goals of small business owners, and understand perspectives on the role of digital and marketing.

Darren Linton, CEO Yellow, says that while the effects of the pandemic may recede over time, the technological and economic disruption is not going away anytime soon, and these young businesses need support now.

“Almost 40% of the total small business marketplace have no online presence at all, no Google my Business listing, no website, LinkedIn, Facebook – anything.”

“The reason most give for not being online is a lack of ‘relevancy’. Relevancy is a subjective thing, not every business is looking for new customer growth, but the existing customer experience can also be improved with a digital presence. That’s not always obvious”.

“53% of all respondents said more support and education is required when it comes to getting online, which plays a part in relevancy too, every business is at a different stage in their journey”, says Linton.

Yellow is currently reaching out to a range of stakeholders to identify and deliver on initiatives that may help.

A copy of the survey findings can be downloaded from yellow.co.nz.

Yellow NZ, formerly Yellow pages has been supporting small Kiwi businesses to connect to their customers for over 60 years. It started with the book, and now Yellow NZ provides digital marketing solutions that help kiwi businesses get online, get more customers and do business better. Yellow has over 150,000 small to medium businesses on their customer database.

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