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Paymark and Perceptive launch new business partnership

Customer insights agency Perceptive and fintech startup Paymark, have joined forced to provide smart data and incomparable insights for their clients.

This month the two companies have officially announced their collaboration ‘The Perceptive Paymark’ partnership, which will provide a new service, unique to other traditional offerings in the market.

The partnership will produce comprehensive customer intelligence and will build a complete picture of what drives customer outcomes from an attitudinal and behavioural perspective.

Over one billion transactions a year go across Paymark’s network, meaning they have extensive data to share. The company covers more than 10,000 terminals, accounting for in excess 70 percent of the New Zealand landscape.

Perceptive managing director, Daniel Shaw, says Perceptive’s work with Paymark will provide access to fascinating data and insight into the way Kiwis spend their money.

“Our insights from working with this data will help our clients gain a complete picture of their customers, and make smarter, better-informed decisions about the way they operate every facet of their business.”

Head of cx and data innovation, Ella Obreja, says Paymark’s insights and analysis will be incredibly beneficial to Perceptive’s customers.

“The collaboration will provide a very unique service that our competitors just aren’t able to offer. We’re very excited to be working with Perceptive to provide our customers with powerful data insights.”

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