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Retail Tips: Stand out from the crowd this Black Friday

With Black Friday being the biggest day for spending in New Zealand, here are some tips to get your Black Friday promotions noticed by your customer base: 

  • Timing is everything, with some brands having already launched their Black Friday promotional deals. Will you have a one-day or weekend sale to maximise customer spend, or will you activate your promotion today?
  • Use discount codes to entice your customers to shop online, giving them the incentive to take an extra percentage off the final price at checkout. 
  • Offer a gift-with-purchase, free shipping or an extra discount in return for a minimum purchase amount. This may also help increase your average order value. 
  • Compile best sellers or gift ideas together so your customers can easily browse your selection of trending products. Customers aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest products, but instead items they consider as useful or valuable for themselves and others. 
  • Communicate your deals to your customers through the channels they use: email newsletters, SMS, and social media. However, you’ll be competing with everyone else so it’ll be hard to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps try something different, like utilising Instagram story and Facebook messenger ad placements or Influencer marketing to ensure you get noticed by your target demographic. Matt Thompson recommends SMS to build customer loyalty and engagement, find out why here.
  • When it comes to email newsletter subject lines, keep your message clear and straightforward, utilise first name personalisation and segmentation tools, and convey exclusivity or urgency. Don’t overdo the volume of emails sent as your customers may be inclined to ‘unsubscribe’. And remember, stay true to your brand values and messaging tone at all times. What is it that makes your brand stand out from the crowd? Is it the quality of your products, where they are made, or the story behind your business? Help customers to develop a connection with your brand alongside your sales promotions.
  • For in-store promotions, assure your customers how easy and pain-free it’ll be to shop with you in person. Make sure you have extra staff stationed around the shop, clear sale signage, and entice customers through the door with a sweet treat or beverages. And on the flip side, keep your staff happy by fuelling them with healthy food and a relaxing environment for taking breaks, so that they’re smiling and happy to please when they’re on the shop floor. Happy staff = happy customers!
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