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Recycle Boutique launches new online platform

In response to the rising trend of selling and purchasing second hand clothing, Recycle Boutique has this week announced the launch of its new online store and software.

Following a successful 15 years as a bricks and mortar, the launch of the boutique’s online store was a natural progression. The retailer successfully recycles more than 700,000 items per year, has over 80,000 consignors and last year celebrated the opening of its tenth store.

Recycle Boutique general manager, Mark Cowie, says launching the online store follows a number of significant milestones for the business.

“We realised there was a huge opportunity for us to take what we do online and make selling and shopping secondhand clothing accessible to all New Zealanders, particularly in places where there is no physical store available.”

The online platform aims to offer the largest assortment of recycled clothes, accessories and shoes available. Shoppers are able to browse through designer, vintage and contemporary labels, which are exclusive to online shoppers for two weeks before they head into store.

Both the online store and updated software are the first of their kind in New Zealand, designed with the ease and accessibility of both buyers and sellers in mind. Customer accounts can now be made online and will be notified when stocked is processed, sold and expiring. The platform can also arrange an express drop off or home pick up in some locations.

Cowie says the online store and software simplifies the buying and selling process and makes it easier than ever to keep clothing out of landfills.

“A lot of people don’t realise that by doubling the life of clothing from just one to two years, you can reduce emissions from clothing production and disposal by as much as 24 percent.”

The popularity of thrift shopping and recycling is continuously growing and Recycle Boutique’s new online platform aims to support advantages in the sustainable fashion movement and encourage more consumers to second hand shop.

“Buying second hand is now widely accepted amongst fashion lovers of all calibres and is considered one of the most powerful solutions to combat fast fashion, pollution and waste. After years in the making, we are thrilled to unveil our new online store and software to continue driving positive change in New Zealand.”

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