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Global brand Superdry connects with Kiwis through music

Global fashion brand Superdry recently produced a hyper-localised shoot in New Zealand for their spring campaign, partnering with music sensations Stan Walker, Hollie Smith, Mitch James, and Theia.

Rather than featuring models, Superdry opted to show solidarity for an industry that was hit equally as hard by COVID restrictions, the music and entertainment industry. “By showcasing the best of local music, at the most iconic of music landmarks, the campaign demonstrates that music and fashion are intertwined by nature and as such, celebrates the best of Australia and New Zealand culture”, says Matthew Lozzie, Superdry Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

With New Zealand being a strong performing market for the retailer, Superdry’s production of localised campaign shoots further cements its relevance with its New Zealand customers, as well as the ability to amplify its concurrent global campaigns in a meaningful and impactful way. Similar campaigns have been shot in Sydney and Melbourne.

And the New Zealand consumer is a high consumer of Superdry for a number of reasons. Lozzie notes that “New Zealand offers the perfect landscape for Superdry to showcase its range – from show wear to swim wear, active wear to daily wear”.

He goes on to say that with the brand’s “connection to both European design and Japanese influence, this offers a new way to look at fashion for Kiwis”.

The current Superdry campaign was shot in some of the most renowned music establishments in Auckland, and also pays homage to the country’s very first recording studio, Stebbing Records.

Musician Theia says of the campaign, I love the concept – Superdry championing local NZ and AU musicians and capturing them in the spaces that they inhabit. One of the locations for the Auckland artists was Whammy Bar on K Road. It’s an iconic venue, which I’ve played at a few times and seen some of the best shows of my life there. Whammy and K Road are quintessential Aotearoa music.”

Stan Walker got involved with the campaign because of the connection between culture and clothing, “fashion that acknowledges the past whilst being so from the future. For me Superdry is a brilliant mix of Americana and Japanese pop art.”

And of course, the role fashion plays in Stan Walker’s successful career is pivotal, “The digital age and YouTube mean people experience music as MUCH with their eyes as their ears. Nothing expresses music better than fashion. I am always so proud to build into anything I am wearing something that speaks of my Māori culture.”

Globally, Superdry is using these localised campaigns across platforms such as TikTok and WeChat to create digital content sensations across evolving media, targeting a Gen Z audience. This is a new move for the brand, which has historically focused on retail expansion for their growth strategy. Utilising the hashtag #BEICONIC, this move towards local digital communities has seen its presence expand greatly.

And while COVID-19 has presented a challenging time for retail across the world, Superdry has been able to pivot and adapt as a digital first brand, particularly when traditional brick and mortar stores have been closed due to worldwide lockdowns.

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