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Recent survey indicates conscious consumerism is on the rise, better transparency needed from brand

A recent nationwide survey revealed that 51% of respondents say where they choose to spend their money has become more important after COVID-19.

This finding follows a global trend of growing conscious consumerism, which includes purchasing products and services from socially responsible companies.

Other findings indicate that 57% of Kiwis consider a company’s ethics as important when deciding where to spend their money, although 67% of respondents say it’s hard to know which brands or products are ethically produced, due to a lack of transparency, unclear labelling, and difficulty in finding relevant information being barriers to finding ethical brands and products.

One New Zealand not-for-profit, fair&good, has set out to solve these problems faced by consumers by compiling a directory of predominantly New Zealand-based brands, where shoppers can browse by product categories or by the following values important to them:

  • Fair Labour: Workers along the supply chain receive fair wages, work in safe working conditions and their rights are upheld. 
  • Transparency: Supply chains are known, transparent and monitored for all to see. 
  • Community-minded: Local makers and producers are actively involved and livelihoods protected. 
  • Gender-equity: Specific actions are taken to empower women. 
  • Inclusivity: Opportunities are offered to individuals and minority communities who are often excluded. 
  • Eco-conscious: Practices are in place to support a healthy environment. 
  • Giving back: Profits are re-invested back into the community. 
  • Consistency: Values are considered in every aspect of operation. 

    A fair&good spokesperson explains that fair&good was born of the belief that spending your money ethically is one of the most powerful tools we have to make a difference and transform the lives of makers, creators and producers around the world. The directory itself features a variety of New Zealand brands offering a wide range of products from home goods and clothing to skincare and food, enabling consumers to cross off their shopping list with a clear conscience.

    fair&good is also partnering with leading conscious lifestyle publication Good Magazine to bring to consumers a Thoughtful Gift Guide. The majority of Good’s readers are on a journey to purchase ethically and consciously, making it the perfect partnership.

    Fair&good is a not-for-profit organisation. Find out more here.
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