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The customer feedback tool retailers should be looking into

HappyOrNot, a global leader in customer and employee feedback measurement, has helped Cash Converters reduce dissatisfied customers by 21 percent in the first year of using it. With an abundance of positive feedback, perhaps every retailer should consider introducing the tool.

HappyOrNot provides actionable insights to help organisations improve their products and their service. Its innovative devices such as the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch, are used in retail and hospitality venues, aged care and health facilities, as well as the transportation industry for customers and employees to record their experience.

Anonymous feedback is gathered from customers by simply pressing one of the four smiley faces on HappyOrNot devices or online using HappyOrNot’s Smiley Digital solutions, where customers can respond to tailored questions or surveys. In the first three months of using the device, Cash Converters captured more than 48,000 feedbacks nationwide, with the number of responses growing every month.

“HappyOrNot works really well for our customers and our staff,” says Karun, who first worked with HappyOrNot as manager of the Onehunga Cash Converters store and is now leading the team at the Otara store.

“I wasn’t sure about it at first but then I quickly saw how well it works for everyone. Customers really like being able to give instant feedback and staff really enjoy getting feedback and because of the way it is linked to our KPIs it’s a challenge that everyone is engaged in.”

Through HappyOrNot Retailers are able to identify common “pain points” and performance slumps, as well as identify if any changes in approach are having a positive or negative impact.

At the local level, Cash Converter stores have a new KPI, the HappyOrNot Index for customer experience. This means every manager can see the results across the entire network, creating a healthy competitive landscape to improve individual store results.

At the national level, the brand compares its overall results with the global market, using the HappyOrNot Global benchmark data, based off more than 500 million retail feedbacks across 117 countries.

Karun says each store has a live screen in the back office which displays all the responses and comments made through HappyOrNot as they happen.

“It gives you ideas about what you can do better and opens your eyes to anything that needs addressing. Previously we had a mystery shopper but this is much better – because it’s live, all day every day, so you can respond to customer suggestions and tackle any problems as soon as they happen.”

Through the customer experience tool, Cash Converters’ teams have seen a tangible difference with productivity. The team is able to benchmark their performance against others, have the tools to deliver even greater service, and as a result, draw in more customers.

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