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New NZ payment service launches bringing flexibility to merchants and consumers

A new contactless payment platform has recently launched that removes the per transaction fee businesses in New Zealand typically pay.

Thanks to Centrapay and Verifone, multiple technologies have been combined to allow traditional and new financial applications to work together. The tech is centered on personalising the merchant and the consumer payment experience.

Now, consumer and merchants are able to, in real time, process contactless NZD payments, Giftstation Gift cards, accept digital assets, redeem Grab One vouchers, provide product and service feedback, offset carbon, utilise loyalty programmes, send or participate in surveys, and use digital identity solutions. Everything can be done through an app and a QR code on any enabled Verifone payment device.

Applications will be deployed remotely to retailers so that they can easily enable these new payment options. The applications use QR codes and/or NFC to communicate with Centrapay-supported mobile wallets, such as the Sylo Smart Wallet. This process allows merchants to take payments in a range of new digital assets, gift cards, loyalty points, vouchers or NZD. It also leverages existing point of sale system investments, without the need to replace hardware or carry out bespoke and costly upgrades.

CEO of Centrapay, Jerome Faury, says if a customer and the merchant have a Centrapay-powered QR code or application the two will be able to interact and engage in richer and more meaningful ways.

“Now customers can not only pay securely and easily but they can also now access a range of on-device options like providing feedback on a service or product, or offsetting the carbon footprint of their purchase.”

General manager at Verifone NZ, Pete Hansen, says the company has around 50 percent market share of payment devices deployed in New Zealand. Verifone is committed to leading innovation for its merchants and has focused on collaborating with companies like Centrapay to develop more enhanced and flexible payment experiences.

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