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The power of partnership: Nasty Gal collaborates with Emily Ratajkowski for a second time

American fashion retailer Nasty Gal has collaborated with model and global it-girl Emily Ratajkowski for a second time, proving the power of partnership when both parties are aligned.

Nasty Gal caters to fashion for young women who double as savvy online shoppers wanting to keep up with the latest trends, and Nasty Gal certainly delivers by shipping its on-the-pulse clothing globally to over 60 countries. The Nasty Gal customer is no doubt familiar with Emily Ratajkowski, being a global it-girl, model, actress, Instagram personality and entrepreneur, who has already proven her ability to resonate with Nasty Gal customers since first collaborating with the brand in 2019.

The new collection speaks to young females around the world, being inspired by Emily’s tenacity and fearlessness, and consists of eye-catching power dressing with a strong mix of cutouts, sheers, slits, and daring necklines. The pieces also showcase iconic 80’s power shoulders, memorable graphics, and pops of purple, a key colour of the campaign.

Speaking to The Register about the collaboration and how Nasty Gal has fared during covid, a Nasty Gal spokesperson says:

“Emily Ratajkowski is bold, strong minded and empowering therefore encompasses everything Nasty Gal stands for as a brand. We worked with Em Rata in 2019 and found that our customers resonated with her style as well as her mindset. We want to empower our customers to be bold and their authentic self and we feel Em Rata is the perfect role model to push that message. Nasty Gal is able to adapt quickly to change due to our digital nature, we have teams all over the world with their finger on the pulse ready to adapt to trends as they arise. While 2020 has been unique we have rose to the change by ensuring we offer items that can be worn anytime, anywhere while still being fashion forward and accessed without having to leave the comfort and safety of home.”

The collection has so far been a success, with some sold-out pieces being re-stocked already. With its own bespoke hashtag #nastygalftemrata and high levels of social media engagement on Nasty Gal’s posts, as well as the ability to shop via Nasty Gal’s mobile app, it’s easy to see why this collab has been warmly welcomed by Nasty Gal’s customers around the world.

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