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A gap in the market: NZ’s latest luxury sleepwear line

Centred around pieces that will leave women feeling confident and attractive, by Natalie is New Zealand’s latest luxury sleepwear line with sustainability at the heart of the brand’s ethos.

By Natalie’s pieces are designed to be comfortable enough for bedtime but also elegant enough to wear outside of the home. The first collection silhouettes have been created using light-weight, durable fabrics and are centered around Tencel, which is produced using extracts from eucalyptus trees. Gentle on the skin, Tencel provides for unparalleled breathability, cooling and long-lasting comfort.

A New Zealand first, by Natalie also hosts the latest innovation pillow technology. The by Natalie pillows are the most premium, innovative pillows created by New Zealand’s sleep connoisseur and founder of by Natalie, Natalie Norman. Following several years in the sleep industry, and the launch of her first business Growbright, a baby mattress company, Norman has created three pillows and two toppers that accommodate every type of sleeper.

“I have spent my entire career working within the sleep industry. Pillow structures I created eight years ago are still being sold on the market today. I’ve devoted my profession to rest and understanding what it truly means to have a good night’s sleep,” says Norman.

“by Natalie sleepwear is what I wanted to see in the market. Being a mother of two in my thirties, I was finding myself in plaid knit PJs or little night dresses. I either felt unsexy or self-conscious, especially is someone outside of my immediate family was around. For me, I wanted to bring the elegance back into the bedroom and make women feel sexy while still feeling comfortable enough to go about their day-to-day activities.”

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