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How New Zealand’s most significant retail dream came about: Q&A with Nido’s CEO and Founder Vinod Kumar

Nido is New Zealand’s largest retail store, and impressively, CEO and founder Vinod Kumar says it was a dream which took nine years to come true. 

Travelling far and wide to hundreds of trade shows and potential suppliers, as well as overseas homewares and big-box retailers, Kumar has undoubtedly done his research. 

Kumar attributes the launch to “many passionate, hard-working, patient people who believed in Nido to make it possible”. 

He says the conception of Nido has included hundreds of partners and suppliers across many industries, going beyond product-related to IT, logistics, branding, finance, architecture, engineering, construction & more. 

The construction, development and warehousing of Nido has also been no easy feat, with over 680 people involved in construction, taking two years to build the flagship retail store and warehouse. 

The Nido team now has 150 team members across its head office, retail, warehouse and food and beverage outlets, and there’s no doubt that this number will continue to grow. 

We ask Kumar about Nido’s stand-out experiential area – a fully-styled three-bedroom house built by Signature Homes. Kumar explains they’re big dreamers, “we thought the best way for people to imagine a concept in their home was to stage it in a home. And we could definitely make space for one!”

While there are murmurs of IKEA entering the local market, Kumar doesn’t seem fazed: “Competition in the market will only make us work harder and deliver better results. It will keep us on our toes. We are a local business, proud to be homegrown and we know Kiwis will make us their own.”

At present, there isn’t a comparable retailer to Nido in the market. However, the big-box store is competing with all furniture and homeware stores, aiming to offer more variety, choice, and price points. 

Nido’s buyers regularly attend international trade fairs (and in covid times many of these are online) and visit factories to check quality, manufacturing and labour processes. 

The buying team includes interior designers to ensure the products are stylish, varied, on-trend, and timeless. Kumar explains that Nido focuses on six design styles to ensure there is something for everyone: industrial, minimal, classic contemporary, nordic, eclectic and traditional. 

As well as a café and coffee stations and the three-bedroom house, we ask Kumar about offerings the general public may not know about which make Nido an exceptional experience for the customer. He says: 

  • There are 100 showrooms to inspire all our customers
  • We have 8500 products from 23 different countries with 90 exclusive brands. Our customers are sure to find something they love! 
  • We prepare our customers with all the right tools to help them shop- pencils, notepaper and a measuring tape. The idea is that customers note down what they like for reference or to purchase. Some items will be marked with ‘Find me in Pick&Go’, which means it can be collected straight away from our Pick&Go area- where we have hundreds of furniture items less than 20kg that can be taken home with you straight away. 
  • Our exclusive Getha experience – This is a special bed brand from Malaysia, that specialises in 100% latex mattresses. We worked with them to bring a full shop-in-shop experience so customers can learn how Getha products can benefit sleep and health. 
  • The Dressing Room – a ‘blank canvas’ area where you can play with product, style our beds to create your favourite looks- a ‘try before you buy’ experience. 

    The retail location is close to the motorway and near one of the busiest roads in Auckland, and in time Nido will likely expand to other parts of Auckland and nationwide. An online store is also under construction, with plenty of support from out-of-Auckland for one. 

    The Nido retail experience is undoubtedly one in a million, attributed to Kumar’s ability to be flexible and to try new things, allowing big and bright ideas to come alive. 

    Optimistic about the future, Kumar says Nido has “given us a chance to show Kiwis what us Kiwis can achieve when we dream big. We look forward to New Zealanders turning Nido into a household name.”

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