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Online retail model allows mattress in a box company to keep up with demand

Ecosa, a local online retailer of a new flat-pack bed base and mattress in a box has seen a surge in demand through the country with more time being spent in bed during lockdown.

The online mattress in a box concept was created after a realisation that the offline mattress sales experience needed to be improved. From a consumer perspective, it was also impossible to know if individuals would really love a mattress without sleeping on it for a few weeks, which is why Ecosa allows their customers 100 nights to try a mattress out.

Alice Allen, spokesperson for Ecosa, says the New Zealand market is growing at more than 40 percent per month over the past 12 months and the recent lockdown has accelerated that even faster with sales now growing at a rate of 80% per month.

“The feedback we are getting from a number of our consumers is they are spending more time in bed – many of them working from their beds. The online model where you can get a bed, mattress and bedding products delivered next day in a compressed format which makes them easy to manoeuvre inside the house is proving particularly popular at the momen

“This trend is in line with other international studies which show one in four people working from home during the coronavirus lockdown admit to at some point logging on from their bed.

“The research has found that after the dining table (45%) and couch (40%), 25% of respondents admit to working from their bed.

“We know that the more time people spend in bed, the more likely we are to want to upgrade their bed and mattress,” she says.

The mattress in a box model also helps lengthen the life of a mattress; compressing a mattress prior to use has been found to improve the overall quality and lifespan of the mattress.

Allen says in contrast to the last lockdown where they were not deemed an essential service provider, their online retail model has allowed them to remain open at Level 3 and helped distribute hundreds of beds around the country to their customers.

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