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Business 101: How to thrive during a pandemic

Many businesses have struggled to bounce back from the disruption of Covid-19, however, for cosmetic and beauty service SILK Laser Clinic, fostering a strong relationship with landlords has saved the day.

SILK reigns the fastest-growing laser aesthetics clinic in Australia and delivers more than one million treatments a year through its 55 locations. Although Covid-19 caused limitations for SILK’s services, such as the closure of stores and physical distancing, the business has recently hit a record high in customer growth and is planning for further clinic expansion across Australia.

Covid-19 has seen landlords and retail tenants navigate difficult conversations in regards to rent and lease terms, with many struggling to pay bills. SILK founder and CEO, Martin Perelman, says the continued strong performance of his business comes down to positively engaging with landlords to ensure the business would have a pathway to strongly emerge from Covid-19.

“We consider our landlords to be important partners in our business so throughout the pandemic we deliberately sought to engage openly and provided regular updates as matters unfolded.

“We are pleased that we have been able to reach fair outcomes for all parties, with all concerned demonstrating a willingness for compromise and focus on the longer-term opportunity.

Perelman started his business in Adelaide just over 10 years ago. It now employs more than 600 people nationally and over the past three years has seen customer numbers grown five-fold, revenue jump seven-fold and the cosmetic injectable side has more than doubled each year.

The positive relationship between SILK and its multiple landlords has seen the business stay afloat during the pandemic. Other attributes, however, like plans to re-mobilise staff and re-open stores under permitted conditions, JobKeeper allowing the retention of SILK’s highly trained staff, and the continuous engagement with customers throughout this unusual time, has led the business to not only survive but thrive.

“We have found that as SILK is a service-based offering, our services are an important primer for shopping centre owners to drive foot traffic to their centres and built customer trust as we emerge from the pandemic.

“We now have clear air to focus back on growth opportunities for the brand and continue positive conversations with our landlord partners regarding further expansions opportunities.”

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