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Environmental Stewardship: The Kiwi start-up offering sustainable footwear

Using waste and plant material in every component, Kiwi shoe brand YY Nation are contributing to the global clean up with every step they take.

Launched on Kickstarter last week, the Wellington-based startup offers originality in the market with shoes designed and influenced by the wonders of nature. Innovative materials are used with each pair of shoes including fishing net retrieved from the ocean, pineapple leaves, algae bloom, recycled rubber, and soft merino wool.

Since its launch, YY Nation has already exceeded its goal of $22,500 NZD, with more than 150 backers from around the world. The Kickstarter campaign accompanying the brand’s launch has been designed to assist YY Nation with the funding it needs to begin manufacturing the Legacy Collection.

YY Nation founder Jeremy Bank, says the aim for the start-up was to redefine sustainable footwear.

“Using natural materials in a purposeful design, we believe we have developed the ultimate sneakers for everyday adventures,” he says.

“We have created high-performance sneakers with a positive impact and the Legacy Collection marks the beginning of our quest to design out waste.”

Bank says the team at YY Nation understand the urgency of creating sustainable alternatives, and although they don’t have all the answers, the core of their business focuses on stewardship and the belief that the enduring pursuit of innovation begins with asking questions.

To view the full collection visit yynation.com

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