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MOA’s sustainable leap benefits both consumers and retailers

MOA has moved its entire “classic” range to fully recyclable cans, in the first step towards a more sustainable future. Initially produced in glass bottles, the labels and crown seals meant they’d end up in the landfill.

With a slick, fresh new design the rollover to cans began in May 2020. So far, MOA reports that customers are happy, they can store more in their fridges, and there are fewer breakages!

A MOA representative explains there were not many negatives to making the change, and while some consumers prefer bottles to cans, there are many people who want cans over bottles thereby attracting new customers.

Outside of being fully recyclable, cans have so many other benefits: the product chills faster, they protect the beer better from harmful light, and they are great for outdoor activities like camping and the beach.

Retail partners also benefit from better fridge space utilisation, less breakages, and higher stock weight; customers can access more fresh stock all year around.

Turning to MOA’s production process, it hasn’t changed a lot; they are obviously using a different line to pack the beer. The great thing is that cans take up less storage space and are also lighter for transport.

CEO of MOA Brewing, Stephen Smith says,”The market is rapidly moving towards cans and while we are focused on the overall positive environmental impact, it’s also great to know it’s also positive for our drinkers and our retailers”.

We’ll drink to that!

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