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Finery: The summer drink you need to try!

Although we’re still in spring, the warmer days are slowly creeping in and I’m sure all of us are more than ready for summer. Picture this, hot sand, warm water, a picnic of tangible treats and to top it all off a cocktail. Better yet, a cocktail in a can! Kiwi company Finery has jumped into the RTD market with originality and class offering several cocktails and mocktails perfect for summer and made with no sugar.

Encouraging the over 30’s to sway from the usual beer and wine, Founder Jane Allan created Finery as a healthy alternative to sugary alcoholic drinks. Following the success of the 5 percent cocktails launched last year, the brand has now released the same delectable flavours in 0 percent cans. With more and more people looking for non-alcoholic alternatives that aren’t bursting with sugar, the creation of the 0 percent cans was a natural progression for the brand.

“With more people looking for non-alcoholic drink options than ever before, we wanted to offer a delicious drink without the sugary calories often associated with non-alcoholic drinks. Since launching Finery cocktails earlier this year, we’ve had great feedback on the flavours,” says Allan.

“We wanted to offer people the same great taste but without the alcohol. By removing the alcohol content we’ve made it even healthier than before, ensuring non-drinkers get to enjoy the taste of the original Finery, without the calories associated with alcohol.”

Made in New Zealand, the team at finery have taken a unique approach and have focused on what is important to them, supporting local, quality ingredients, crafted small batches and sustainable practices with environmental impact at focus. Each recipe has been inspired by classic cocktails, yet has been shaken up to be a little fancier.

Among the range are four refreshing flavours including a Ginger, Green Tea, Honey, Mint and Lemon cocktail, Grapefruit Cucumber and Mint cocktail, Lemon Myrtle, Lime, and Black Tea cocktail and a Vanilla and Elderflower cocktail. Each flavour can be found in the 5 percent cans, made with vodka, or the 0 percent cans with no alcohol ingredient.

Extending the inspiration of nature through to business approach, Finery has each drink encased in recyclable cans and a home compostable box, while production and packaging occurs within a tight geographical area, keeping the company’s footprint to a minimum.

So, look no further for your next dinner party, beach trip, or after-work drinks, Finery has got you covered whether you simply need a refreshment or are looking for a kick of tasty liquor.

Sold in packs of four, 0 percent Finery drinks can be found in all fine supermarkets and liquor stores nationwide, with 5 percent cans available in liquor stores and through Finery’s website.

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