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A clever brand collision: LISA’s Marmite Hummus

Adding to the list of quintessential Kiwi brand collaborations, LISA’s Hummus and Marmite have ‘collided’ to create LISA’s MarmiteTM Hummus.

It may seem out of the blue, but with both brands having established themselves as two supermarket favourites, why wouldn’t you?

Both brands have retained their signature styles with the collaboration: LISA’s Marmite Hummus still has the same high-quality ingredients – chickpea, garlic, tahini and a squeeze of lemon juice – plus the added bonus of Marmite-y goodness.

An artist's impression of the 'collision'

“We’ve truly lived up to Marmite’s ‘made to be messed with’ slogan with this iconically Kiwi collaboration, and we look forward to hearing what Kiwi foodies think of our latest culinary creation,” says Pete Davis, SanitariumTM Health Food Company National Marketing Manager.

“Marmite, and LISA’s Hummus, are both Kiwi icons in their own right, and now that they’ve come together, we hope New Zealanders will agree it’s a match made in heaven – right up there with fish and chips, or tomato sauce on a pie.”

Time will tell if this, like other favourite New Zealand food brand mash-ups, will sell like hot cakes.

Keep an eye out for LISA’s Marmite Hummus in the chilled dip section of your local supermarket. RRP $4.29. 

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