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Smashing back innovation with The Beer Spot

Cheeky and approachable, The Beer Spot isn’t a craft beer place, it’s a great beer place. They offer an impressively wide range of options, with new choices arriving every week. It’s the place to be for a dynamic taste adventure.

Winners of the 2019 Retail NZ Innovation award, The Beer Spot is both a tavern, and a business incubator for new technology. Founders Laurence, Jason, Adrian and Ashton have a solid team, and we had the pleasure of chatting with Jason and Adrian. Check out how groundbreaking new tech tool “Trickle” improved their business operations, and how The Beer Spot will bring their unique brand personality to Australia.

The Beer Spot team

Make time to get to know your customers.  

When a tap runs out of beer, it used to take 45 minutes to make back room changes. This took precious time away from where they wanted to be – with the customers, giving them an experiential and educational journey! Jason and Laurence were looking for a system to streamline the slow process, but there wasn’t an existing solution that did everything they had in mind – until they met Adrian. He walked into The Beer Spot prior to their first opening, with sawdust still on the ground. Back then, he worked around the corner from their Northcote branch, and he had an idea for this stock management issue.

Identify your pain points.

The Beer Spot was the perfect playground to develop a world class piece of technology. Adrian started to flesh out his tech idea, and thus – magic happened. The Beer Spot team dealt with a pain point in their business, and what took 45 minutes now only takes 5 minutes! On top of that, the product line is now tracked in real time, automatically updating across their cloud-based POS software, website, and social channels. In utilising leading-edge software, they can consistently provide an ever changing product range, and successfully offer an appealing point of difference. By freeing up the team’s time, they can be present, and give their customers the best possible experience.

Put yourself out there

Before opening their first branch in Northcote, they spent two years building brand awareness organically through word of mouth, and with Radio Hauraki.

Jason advises, “Even if you’re unsure of your exact opening date, don’t be afraid to talk about your business in the early stages. Building brand awareness is due diligence. And it’s okay to push the opening date to ‘coming soon’. When you see who’s asking ‘when do you open?’, you know who’s interested, and you get a good idea of who your customers are.” Today, they have a well-planned marketing strategy, including setting monthly advertising budgets, and provide regular updates via social channels.

Through their use of cloud-based new tech, they can have a clear view of what their customers want, across all branches. By understanding their customers’ curiosity, 73 percent of their sales are repeat customers. They consider word of mouth their biggest win – they’re always excited when existing customers bring their “newb” friends along for a great in-store experience. Confident they have something special, The Beer Spot have thrilling plans to expand to Australia.

Keeping company culture consistent

Jason said, “Laurence and I will be resettling in Australia for a few months, with one or two staff, to indoctrinate the Australian team. Also, new team members are welcomed with a culture document, passed on as a part of the “come on in” pack”. Currently the team moves around Northcote, Huapai, Morningside, Whangaparaoa and Panmure, so the culture has translated naturally across their different branches.

The team value being truly present in the business, with everyone in the business living by the code of “turn up, be there, and get hands on”.

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