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New Kiwi model aims to support local artisan products

New Zealand has a great range of locally sourced and produced artisan products. Now, in an effort to support this sector, The Kiwi Artisan Co has popped up online with the goal to curate and promote these wide range of products.

The Kiwi Artisan Co picks local producers and features their items in easy and delectable looking deliverable platters. Making it easy to support local and profile fine artisan products at your next shin dig.

Originally a simple market stall in Central Otago supporting local producers, The Kiwi Artisan Co came to fruition off the back of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Like most small retail operations, the business struggled to survive during lockdown and was particularly affected as local markets and events were cancelled across the country. Without a strong online presence, operations came to a standstill.

“The shutdown period was tough, but it was even tougher watching those small artisan producers struggle who really depend on local markets and retail shops to survive,” explains Dave Thorn, founder of The Kiwi Artisan Co. “We were determined to launch The Kiwi Artisan Co business online as a way to support the small batch artisan community and broaden artisan platter options for Kiwis who love to entertain at home.” 

 The Kiwi Artisan Co currently offers four pre-designed boxes and additionally caters for customers to build their own individual boxes, perfect for gifting occasions or those with dietary requirements. 

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