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Covid drives success for Kiwi wellness sector

If there is one sector Covid has benefited in retail, it’s our wellness sector.

Kiwi wellness brands overseas have seen a spike in demand, as our low rates of Covid and ‘clean green’ image help promote our health based offerings even further.

One Kiwi company, Adashiko, has event seen an increase in annual sales by over 150 percent. CEO Luci Firth says they they have seen a significant surge in demand since the pandemic as consumers look to natural product lines for wellbeing benefits, predominantly in America, Australia and Europe.

“What we are seeing is substantial growth in the wellness market but also a trend where consumers are becoming more discerning and actually asking questions about the source of the products they consume.

“New Zealand’s international brand equity has been considerably fortified over this time through our visible efforts in controlling COVID-19 and this has had a halo effect on brands such as ours,” she says.

Firth says sales have lifted over 50 percent since they were able to reopen after the first lockdown with exports now representing 30 percent of their multi-million dollar turnover, up from 20 percent last year. 

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