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Why we need accessible clothing

Clothing may be intended for everyone, but it’s not accessible for all. This is where EveryHuman comes in, an Australasian initiative which aims to create a universal mindset within the fashion industry when designing and producing clothing. 

Those with disabilities are limited by what they can wear, hampering the ability to express themselves. EveryHuman works with brands which have made subtle adjustments to garments for accessibility, for example by replacing buttons with magnetic closures, creating one-handed zippers on shoes, and designing ankle-foot orthosis friendly shoes and clothing for the seated position.

EveryHuman founder Matthew Skerritt says, “​Our clothes are designed by people who have also faced the challenge of finding, using and loving clothing that works for them. Getting changed should be a happy and stress-free process. Our mission is to allow people with disabilities to feel and look amazing in stylish clothes, just like every other human.” 

EveryHuman is backed by some incredible ambassadors, including Paralympian Kathleen O’Kelly-Kennedy, and former pro wakeboarder and quadriplegic Brad Smeele. These ambassadors can speak to how accessing stylish and functional clothing on EveryHuman has improved their ability to express themselves. 

You can find out more at everyhuman.com.au and further support the initiative by reaching out to brands who can do better to make clothing accessible for all. 

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