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Lemony Lumps: Pascall and L&P launch the most Kiwi treat yet

You’re not a true Kiwi unless you’ve indulged in a bag of Pineapple Lumps and knocked back a can of tangy L&P at least once in your life. These two treats are iconic for a reason, however, would combining them into one ultimate treat be taking it a bit too far? Pascall doesn’t think so.

As an attempt to provide Kiwi’s with another quirky combo, Pascall and L&P have come together to launch the new Pascall L&P flavour lumps. Tasters can expect a zesty lemon flavoured centre with a dark chocolate coating, and the promise of being as chewy as every other lump that has come before.

“We are always looking for ways we can excite Kiwi fans with delicious new products. After the overwhelming success of previous Lumps collaborations, such as Perky Nana Lumps and Pascall Snifters Lumps the new Pascall L&P Flavour Lumps are sure to be another winning combo,” says Christel Maurer of Pascall NZ.

“We know New Zealanders are innovators and enjoy coming up with exciting and fun ideas, that’s why we wanted to do something special and push the boundaries with our most unique Lumps creation to date.”

Following the launch of L&P’s Pineapple Lumps-flavoured drink earlier in the year, L&P marketing manager Laura Knight says the team wanted to take the collaboration of the two classic Kiwi products even further.

“We know this may sound like a crazy flavour combination but you really need to try Pascall L&P Flavour Lumps for yourself! The iconic lemony L&P flavour combined with dark choc is a real winner.”

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