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Hell yes! HELL Pizza delivery goes Zero Carbon

Each year HELL makes around one million deliveries which will now be zero carbon as the loved pizza brand takes another step towards reducing its environmental impact.

Measuring of the company’s carbon footprint began in late 2019 as part of it’s sustainability commitments. As of August 2020, following the rigorous measurement process with Ekos, HELL’s head office and nationwide deliveries have become zero carbon certified.

HELL CEO Ben Cumming, says the company wants to be proactive in creating a sustainable future and becoming zero carbon certified is a huge milestone.

“We’ve always cared about reducing our environmental impact – for example, the vast majority of our packaging is recycled and recyclable, we offer e-bike delivery in some areas and use local free-range ingredients. We’ve also grown our plant-based menu to respond to increasing demand.”

Ideally, the deliveries would be zero carbon with no need to offset; until we can practically do that, we’re offsetting each delivery, and won’t be passing the costs onto consumers.”

Ekos carbon analyst, Willow Milligan, says she is happy to see HELL make the commitment.

“It’s great to see HELL taking responsibility for their carbon emissions and joining the journey towards a Zero Carbon future.”

The team at HELL hope their initiative towards a sustainable future will encourage other brands to do the same.

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