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The holy father of Oat Milk finally hits our shores

If you, like myself , are a massive fan of Oat Milk then you’re in for a lactose free treat. Oatly oat milk, the Swedish brand who paved the way for plant-based milks has come to New Zealand.

Firstly, how can you not love oat milk. It is arguably the creamiest, tastiest milk to have in a flat white and the recent resurgence of plant-based milk in the FMCG category is a great news for cows.

Oatly, a Swedish brand now brought to us by Plant Projects, is the go to for baristas and home coffee fanatics (or, most Kiwis).

The milk also comes in chocolate (Mocha’s anyone?) and organic.

When it was first released in the United States, demand for the king of oat milks, or ” white gold ” was so high it completely sold out in New York City and had country wide shortages,

prompting baristas and supermarkets to post signs on windows letting customers know of the lack of oats inside. Now Kiwis get to also include this brand into their roster, and will no doubt welcome it with open arms like they do with other plant-based alternatives.

Plant Projects specialise in supplying innovative plant based products and to celebrate this launch they are offering free nationwide delivery until the end of August.

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