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No need to mansplain: Warehouse Stationery takes a stand against gender bias

Representing all the hardworking boss ladies out there, Warehouse Stationery has recently launched a notebook range dedicated to improving gender equality in the workplace.

Women are often subject to gender bias work situations, which is why these notebooks are labelled with bold messages that give them an assisted voice. The quirky books have been designed as a tool to help navigate uncomfortable situations and create a conversation around the issue.

Gender Equal New Zealand’s 2019 Gender Attitudes Survey found that only 41 percent of Kiwis believe gender equality is represented in the workplace. Warehouse Stationary’s head of marketing, Wendy Ballard, says the range offers women a non-confrontational way of dealing with gender bias.

“When women find themselves being constantly interrupted or ignored when speaking in meetings, these notebooks can be a subtle reminder, making it easier to voice their thoughts and create conversation in a non-confrontational manner, while also generating awareness of an unconscious bias.”

Creative director, Smeta Chhotu-Patel, says the notebooks were designed to help women speak up when feeling undervalued, frustrated, or unheard.

“We hope these notebooks provide a great talking point and open up dialogue about a prevalent issue”.

Warehouse Stationary’s creative team designed three notebooks for the range, featuring messages such as “no need to mansplain, I got this”, “girl interrupted again” and “your voice matters, so does mine.”

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