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Beauty & Beyond debuts a new look

Shifting into Westfield Newmarket meant reimagining Beauty & Beyond’s store and brand.

When Auckland beauty salon Beauty & Beyond prepared to move from a Victorian-style villa in Remuera to Auckland’s newest shopping centre, it didn’t just refresh its fit-out but embarked on a total rebrand.

Completed by Varnika Nautiyal and Christy Ormand from Spaceworks, the rebrand included a new logo, branding content and a complete retail and treatment room design. The new location meant Beauty & Beyond could offer a modern and tranquil design that aligned more with its products and services.

The resulting space on Westfield Newmarket’s Level 2 is compact. It squeezes in a lot of functionality, but the space has been created to be a calming and luxurious environment. At only 83.2 square metres, Spaceworks needed to fit in a waiting area, a retail space and treatment rooms.

Spaceworks chief executive Lizzi Whaley says her team proposed the concept of

‘Into the Jungle – Pamper your senses.’

“We really wanted Beauty & Beyond to transport people into the lush greenery of the jungle; a space that caters in true wellness; a place to zone out from the urban life and get connected with natural roots,” says Whaley.

The concept inspired the choice of timber and concrete materials as well as plants to create a fresh environment. Brass and glass details brought sophistication and character. Strong use of colour in the drapery and fabrics added balance and completed the whole experience.

The store’s layout was designed to follow on with Beauty & Beyond’s customer experience vision. Whaley says the client chose to ‘tap into the human senses’ the second customers walk into the store.

“Even the seating layout for people waiting is non-conventional, allowing a visitor to take in the design around them. The experience of the services provided by Beauty & Beyond are very sensory so we wanted to ensure every element of the store had been custom designed to keep in sync with the organic flow,” says Whaley.

From within the mall, the store front incorporates curved timber elements as well as clear and textured glass to add excitement and raise curiosity within customers. The doors were extended to the full height of its store front, maximising the use of space.

Upon entering the store, the design elements from the shopfront continue, with curved timber windows and black concrete walls creating a warm oasis feeling. A variety of plants reinforces the jungle concept.

What we call a corridor, Spaceworks calls ‘The Cocoon’ for its jungle-like illusion. Whaley says the corridor’s mirror ceiling surrounded by jungle pattern curtains helps customers calm their senses before they enter the treatment rooms for pampering.

The treatment rooms were designed to create an enticing warmth with comforting paint choices, timber joinery and flooring that has diffusible lighting. The purpose behind the soft curvature of the joinery was to conceal the beauty equipment, so customers can be transported into a relaxing space.

The shapes used in the logo designed by Spaceworks were carried throughout the entire store front and retail display as well as the colours to create a cohesive store fit out that enhances customer experience.

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