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Rein changes into innovation with new appointment only store

Gabrielle Oldfield, founder of popular online store Rein is opening her first permanent showroom at 40 Cheshire Street, Parnell on 29 June. The showroom opens as appointment-only and is set to change the way we shop. 

Gabrielle says “this new by-appointment showroom is a model that has had success overseas and one I’ve experienced myself. It allows a stylist to fully understand a customer’s wardrobes needs. As a result, customers buy smarter, less often and more sustainably.”

“When I was over in New York their retail style was a lot more personable. In certain higher-end and more luxurious stores and some middle range, you had a retail assistant with you as soon as you walked through the door helping you with anything you needed. From experiencing this kind of one-on-one, personable retail experience it got me thinking of how I want my customers to feel when shopping at Rein. I was inspired by Anine Bing and Isabel Marant store styles. Chic, luxurious, and inviting.”

Across the ditch, luxury brand friends with frank has launched a similar retail model.

Gabrielle comes with a unique pedigree after graduating with a fashion business diploma from Parsons, the leading design college in New York.  She says the new style council by appointment is a way to evolve her offering in the new post-COVID retail climate, as consumers’ spending habits change.

“I am a big believer in smart shopping and as a small business owner in the current environment, smart buying is essential. My ethos for Rein has always been to offer a bespoke, one-on-one service to learn what my customers want and simultaneously, what I need to source for them. 

The online booking system will ask a series of questions, used as a preliminary styling tool to create a capsule wardrobe ready to try when the client walks in the door, along with a coffee, sparkling water or glass of wine. The showroom also offers click and collect for online purchases. 

Gabrielle will showcase coveted brands like Atoir, Friend of Audrey, Bec & Bridge, For Love & Lemons, MLM Label, Nakedvice and Peony Swimwear. Rein store has gained a cult following for shoppers seeking unique and stylish basics, party wear and accessories.

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