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Meet New Zealand’s first drinkable collagen product

No Ugly is raising two fingers to fake beauty, launching No Ugly Skin, the first ready to drink collagen product of its kind in New Zealand. Co-founder of No Ugly Jo Taylor says, “it wasn’t easy to make and took us more than a year to develop but finally we are proud to launch a no fuss way to get your daily dose of collagen, without the hassle of mixing messy powders and measurements and easy access to all of the benefits.”

Jo Taylor

With a slogan like “All Killer. No Filler”, naturally we were inclined to find out more. A 250ml bottle of No Ugly Skin is packed with 10,000mg of ethically sourced French marine collagen, the antioxidant Enzogenol, and 22.5mg of Vitamin C. These ingredients are combined to create a gorgeous pineapple flavoured drink. Studies indicate that consuming the collagen in this drink can significantly increase skin elasticity and firmness when consumed for at least four weeks.

So, why will collagen make us gorgeous? As put by No Ugly, “everyone looks amazing when they’re young and second-hand when they’re old. Sure, collagen’s important for your muscles and bones and tendons and ligaments, but let’s face it, your skin, hair and nails are the shop front.”

A bit cheeky, but this sentiment is highly relatable. With all ingredients certified “0% ugly”, we’ll give it a go, in our long-lasting pursuit to stay gorgeous.

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