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Covid-19 updates: Online liquor stores are now essential business

Thirsty consumers have been furiously attempting to secure their tipple of choice since it became clear liquor stores would have to close during New Zealand’s Level 4 lockdown on Monday. Their prayers have now been answered.

Since the news broke that, while liquor stores would be closed, those run by licensing trusts would be permitted to remain open, Kiwis have Googled ‘licensing trust’ and ‘licensing trust area’ at 100 times their usual rate.

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West Auckland licensing trust body The Trusts no doubt disappointed many when it confirmed on Tuesday that it wasn’t interested in distributing nationwide during the lockdown, but consumers have now been given other options.

The Government’s ‘essential business’ criteria has today been updated to include the below:

Liquor stores must close to the public unless they are in Licencing Trust areas. Open premises in Licencing Trust areas can operate with a one-in-one-out rule. Online stores can sell alcohol.”

Liquor retailers have responded rapidly, letting shoppers know they’re once again open for business.

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Late last night we received notification that the Ministry of Business and Enterprise had added online sales of liquor via contactless delivery to the Essential Services list. While the hatches remain battened down on our physical stores, this does mean that our online store is now open for business. We realise we’re a little late in the day with this message, but we first took the time to double-check our plans and run through the process with our team, everyone’s health and safety being a prime focus. If you ordered online in the last few days, the team did an amazing job of clearing all pick screens by end of trade. These are with our couriers and on their way. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any assistance; our sales team are online via LiveChat and sales@glengarry.co.nz With the absolute need for couriers to put urgent supplies to the community first, the priority will be lower on our goods, and our delivery times will be extended. All deliveries will be made by courier, using the social distancing practices we described recently. Click and Collect has been suspended; you need to be staying at home. We are taking orders now, and will start preparing them from Monday next week. Feel free to order now. It’s a difficult time for everyone, but absolutely necessary for our community. We are appreciative of being able to continue to serve our Glengarry community during this time.

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