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Meet the new dietary supplement on the block

A new vitamin supplement brand called Health by Habit has launched into Foodstuffs’ New World, Pak’n Save and Four Square stores nationwide with the motto: “Good habits begin within”.

It’s offering a range of supplements with branding that’s focused on solutions. Instead of assuming customers will know a magnesium supplement promotes sleep, Health by Habit provides a shortcut by simply branding this product ‘Sleep’. Other products in the range include Calm, Digestion, Energy and Organic Hemp.

Health by Habit’s doses are specifically formulated so customers only need to take one pill per day (unless recommended otherwise by their doctor).

Heath By Habit has engineered the industry’s first one-twist pill dispenser made of recycled materials – all shoppers need to do is “click, flip, sip, and you’re on your way!”. 

A Health by Habit spokesperson explains more about the use of recycled materials for the dispenser: “It took us a long time to find a supplier who was able to provide us this at food-grade, but we knew it would be worth it in the long run”. 

There’s also a design element to the stylish and simple packaging.

“So many brands look like they are the exact same container with a slightly different sticker (and most of the time this is actually true!). We love to push the envelope and kept asking ourselves how we could improve the experience of taking vitamins in a fun yet effective way,” says the spokesperson.

It’s optimistic that Health by Habit manufacturers their supplements in New Zealand. Their manufacturer has Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and all of their products are batch tested to ensure purity and accuracy to their labels. 

In a market crammed by the shelf with dietary supplements, it’s clear that Health by Habit is here for a reason. This new kid on the block is catering to a gap in the market which reduces consumer confusion and seeks to improve the customer experience overall.

This story originally appeared on Good magazine’s website. Additional reporting by Sarah Dunn.

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