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Icebreaker opens new Touch Lab store

New Zealand based compay, Icebreaker has opened its fifth Touch Lab store in Auckland.  The experiential new store involves sustainable mannequins, educational touchpoints and facilities which allow shoppers to touch and feel Icebreaker’s merino wool.

Located in the newly renovated Westfield Newmarket, the activewear and outdoor apparel company joins over 230 other stores in the complex. 

The Touch Lab is Icebreaker’s newest retail concept that involves sustainable materials and reflects both the natural environment and the brand’s identity. 

Icebreaker general manager for New Zealand and Australia, Luke Doddrell said: “Our latest Touch Lab in Westfield Newmarket will provide an immersive experience for customers, allowing them to not only touch and feel the Icebreaker merino but be truly inspired by the beauty of the natural fibre.”

There are educational touchpoints throughout the store that aim to teach their consumer base about their proccesses. One touchpoint includes the location of each South Island station where the company’s merino is sourced. 

Icebreaker has also developed prototype paper mache mannequins as a more sustainable option over the traditional plastic ones. 

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