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TheMarket expands into selling beer and wine online

The Warehouse Group’s online marketplace concept, TheMarket, has launched into selling food and alcohol with a new category – ‘Pantry, Wine & Beer’.

The category includes beer, cider, wine, spirits and liqueurs, plus a range of snacks and FMCG food products, cold drinks and mixers.

TheMarket complies with alcohol sales regulation by requiring shoppers in this area of the website to confirm their 18+ status, and applying further checks during checkout. All Merchants selling alcoholic beverages on TheMarket must have a valid liquor license and ensure age verification as part of the customer delivery experience.

One of TheMarket’s points of difference against other multicategory ecommerce retailers is  its 101 collection and return ‘MarketPoint’ locations, but this will not be available for use by buyers of alcohol.

Chief executive Justus Wilde described TheMarket’s introduction of alcohol and food sales as a natural extension of TheMarket’s strategy. Kiwis are accustomed to shopping online for beer and wine when they’re purchasing groceries, he says.

“It’s a natural progression for customers to be able to add beer, wine and snacks to their checkout on TheMarket.com when they are sorting all other aspects of home entertaining,” says Wilde.

TheMarket launched in August and now stocks over 2600 brands.

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